Whether performing fault diagnostics or preventative maintenance, FAA-approved procedures are used throughout. All replacement components conform to MIL-standard specifications or exceed manufacturers’ requirements. Berkley upholds full compliance with the latest Part 145 Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) including regulations supporting maintenance for Part 121 commercial operators.

Current manual revisions:

Manual Document No. Latest Rev. Revision Date
Quality Control Manual EI-QCM.doc L July 31, 2020
Repair Station Manual EI-RSM.doc K May 23, 2018
EASA Supplement EI-EASA.doc P March 22, 2022
Forms Manual EI-FORMS.doc P May 31, 2020
Repair Station Training Program EI-RSTP.doc B May 31, 2020
FAA Operation Specifications B3YR387N 9 September 3, 2020
EASA Certificate EASA.145.5229 L6/Rev 1 exp: July 31, 2024
PMA Quality Manual EI-PMA QM.doc H February 28, 2023
Full copies of manuals may be requested and will be provided as needed.
For other manuals not listed, please contact quality control for the latest revision.
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